Miami Heat on Cruise Control – Fans Away the Brooklyn Nets

But look out; they’ll be coming back like stingrays on Thursday capable of inflicting severe wounds.

Rashard Lewis, you are just getting warmed up. Come out of your head. Leave the stuff behind. It’s just stuff. Play from the passion in your heart. Just be and let your game flow.

Nice block by Chris “Birdman” Andersen (Q1 20-19).

“Allen relax and play your game. Don’t force it, simply heighten your awareness. Become more aware of what’s around you. Imagine climbing a tree so you can see further out. Keep hitting those triples” (20-22).

Norris Cole starts Q2 out with a triple (20-26). Ray Allen starts to go for 3 but defense chases him into the paint for 2 (22-27).

Dwyane Wade goes up the lane for 2 (24-30). Birdman sends Wade’s rebound to Ray Allen for a sneak attack (24-32, Q2 7:39). Chris Bosh is headed to the rim but 3 defenders, 6 arms grabbing at the ball clip his wings – his arms are tied. Bosh is grounded, can’t get air-borne, he adds 2 from the line (24-34).

Mirzo Teletovic # 33 steps back then hits 3.

It’s a bird; it’s a plane, its LeBron James with a pass from Dwyane Wade coming up the lane so fast he leaves a trail of chalk. (I thought I had missed the chalk. I didn’t see any dust flying at the beginning of the game). Kevin Garnett swings but only gets dusk from the trail left by LeBron on his way to the rim. Then LeBron takes a bouncing leap and he’s at the rim (27-36).

I’m loving it. No, not the burger, the game.

Joe Johnson is squeezing LeBron with tight defense as the shot clock runs down. LeBron is forced to take a quick shot.

Seems like the floor is wet. Why are all the Heat players falling down? (27-36) (29- 36) (29- 36). (Kevin Hart must be in the house with his bag of tricks).

Taking a pass from Bosh, James makes a sneak attack at the rim. He makes history as the youngest player to make 4,000 points (29-40) (2Q 3:21). Way to go, Bron-Bron. Good Better Best, Never Let it Rest…
Shane Battier exchanges a foul for a stop. He puts a stop to that shot. “A fair exchange is no rip-off.” Way to go (31-40).

Joe Johnson is open for 3 while Heat huddles with tight defense over at the rim. “Hey, stretch out that defense. We need some help over here on Joe.”
Chalmers races through the paint for 2 (37- 42). Bosh with a rebound.

Q2 Bosh is open for 3 but goes in for 2. He gets hammered (38- 42). Shoulda, woulda, coulda gone for that triple.

Dwyane Wade comes in stepping with some foot work that gets him a mid-range jumper – it’s good (40-44). LeBron’s arm-in-arm defense helps Chalmers slide on down the road to the rim (40-46).

Can we stop Darrien Williams from hitting those triples at the end of the quarter (43-46) (66-79)?

Q3 Wade likes hanging out in dangerous territory. He goes in but he comes back out with the goods – 2 at the rim (43-48).

Fast ball movement by the Heat is faster than the Nets can fly. Chalmers to Bosh at the rim for 2 (45-52). The Nets repeat the Heat’s last play (47-52). Livingstone sneaks in when no Heat defense is home. So guess what? No Net defense is home when Bosh sneaks in.

Battier for 3 (49-56). “It’s getting hot in here.” The game gets physical. Bosh is fouled hard then Paul Pierce and Chalmers collide.

Wide open Bosh has time to set up and add 3 to the scoreboard (52-59). Wade hits a long 2 that looks like a mile-long 3 (54- 64).

Nets are flying all around. The Heat has to fan the Nets out of their faces. LeBron gets his own rebound twice and puts it back adding 2.

Hey Heat, where is the clean-up team to get that rebound (54- 66)?

A turnover by Nets (Q3 4:00) then LeBron goes up the lane in attack mode. He dominates the rim with 2 (54-68).

Mario Chalmers is almost at the rim with the ball. He goes up. Hey look out Chalmers, there is a tall Net behind you. He has the wing-span of a tree. Too late, Mason Plumlee comes out from nowhere with a block. You need to expand your peripheral vision and add some eyes to the back of your head. Yea, and expand your night vision to see the invisible. You can’t see him but he’s behind you attempting to get the ball.

Joe Johnson over Shane Battier hits 2 (56-70). Johnson again in the corner for 3 (59-70). “Hey Ray Allen good attempt but put some breaks on those shoes so you won’t overrun your target. Mason Plumlee is wide open (61-72). Shane Battier to Allen for 3 (61-75).

LeBron goes in strong towards the rim but that tall Net, Plumlee goes up with him and puts a stop. LeBron gets rewarded at the line with 2 (61-77).

Thornton misses and LeBron gets the rebound. LeBron goes into the paint and gets hammered by 4 Nets flying all around him.

A pass to Birdman but he is surrounded by 3 Nets.
Darrien Williams does what he does – ends the quarter with a triple (66-79).

Wade fearlessly attempts to go into the swamp but Nets huddle around him. Wade fans the Nets away and gets the loose ball then he sends it up for 2.
Thornton wants to kick himself. Birdman rejects a shot at the other end.

They call him A- K 47, Andrei Kirilenko slaps a foul on Norris Cole (68-81).

Chris “Birdman” Anderson contest in the paint – goes up with a block (68-81). At the other end Allen to Birdman for 2 (68-83).

Bosh hooks 2 (70- 85). There goes that tall Net, Plumlee sneaking up behind Wade. “Hey, fan that Net away.

Wade sends a fast ball forcing LeBron to race to save the possession before it crosses the border.
Allen adds 3 (70-89). Marcus Thornton winds up with a roll-in adding 2. “Marcus, you know that was luck?”

Q4 Ray Allen hits 3 (74-94). Thornton heads to the rim for 2 dragging Cole with him (76-94). LeBron hits a midrange jumper adding 2 (76-96).

With a leap, Ray Allen is transported to the rim but gets hammered down. The rim is swamp-land; there are nets all around there. Coach Spoelstra give them some mosquito repellant.

(Q4 82-103) No body’s looking and Michael Beasley sneaks in with a slam. Udonis Haslem snatches a rebound. Time is running out for the Nets but Marcus Thornton hits 3 (86-105). Cole to Birdman to Udonis Haslem with a conversion at the rim that brings game 1 to a close with a final score of (86-107). For my friends out there (mostly female) who tell me you don’t understand the game that means the Heat won.