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What Happened to the Miami Heat

What happened to the Miami Heat from 2013 to 2014? It’s called success.

The 2010 season winded down with the Miami Heat pounding and dribbling to win NBA championship rings. When they came up short they left for the summer of 2011 bruised but with desire burning in their guts. Although they were off for the summer that burning never left. They came back in the fall of 2011 with blazing flames burning within and souls aching to win, determined that their efforts would not be in vain in 2012. Throughout the season they had a single-focus and that was the intent to win a championship. Their spouses and significant others waited on hold for them to complete their most important dream. Their determination and persistence gave them all the energy they needed to stay the course through thick and thin. At the end of the rainbow were NBA championship rings. First in 2012 then again in 2013.

After winning their second championship, getting a second ring, plus successes in the Olympics and massive celebrations the Heat players stopped to rest and turned back to their normal lives to fulfill those incomplete promises and families they had left. In 2013 after the celebration many of the Heat players solidified their relationships through either marriage or engagement. LeBron and Savanah, Wade with his sons and Gabrielle, Chris Bosh, Adrienne and baby girl Dylan Skye, Chris “Birdman” Andersen and Tina, Udonis Haslem and Faith, Norris Cole became more involved in his church, while Shane Battier spent time with his Take Charge Foundation and Ray Allen with his Ray of Hope Foundation, both became more involved in local charitable events. Mario Chalmers put efforts in his basketball camp and James Jones who served as secretary/treasurer of the NBA Players Association, the HEAT’s player rep and a member of the NBAPA negotiating committee also spent time with his Legacy Foundation. Each of the Heat players turned to family and other interest and areas of their lives that hung on hold during the seasons from 2010 when the three kings joined forces in Miami, for the sole purpose of winning NBA championship rings.

We can’t fault the Heat players for taking time away from the game for other important interest but now we want you back. I can remember when school and college let out for the summer and then the fall came and it was time to go back to school. It was not always easy to get back in the groove of studying after spending months engaged in more exciting activities. How do you keep the fire burning in one area of your life when flames have ignited in other areas of your heart?

Pictures could have expressed this message much more effectively but due to technical difficulties, this message had to be written without the excitement of pictures. The first photo would have been LeBron doing the “LeBron step” with hands pushing down as his knees step up and his mouth wide open dressed in a flaming red Heat shirt on the court – that was LeBron with the fire burning in 2013. Compare that picture to LeBron dressed in his tuxedo with his “you-got-it-going-on wife, Savanah in 2014. (I saw you on stage at the Battioke?) Then picture Wade tearing down the rim with a dynamic shot block in 2012 and compare that to his stride along the red carpet with the beautiful wife (soon-to-be) the talented Gabrielle Union on his arm in 2014. Now, picture Bosh roaring like a lion after a monster slam in 2012 and compare that to Bosh filled with pride lying on the bed next to his baby daughter.

Wow, that’s a lot of competition if we want our Heat players back. Little Bosh, you are a darling, and Gab and Savanah y’all my girls but now we need the full attention, focus and energy of our 3 kings and the rest of the team back to get a job done. We can’t wait until 2015 to get our third NBA championship rings when we can get them this year.