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Winning Leadership Takes a Team With the Same Inner Drive

To win a final championship takes true team leadership from all team players. All
players must be willing to go as deep within themselves as necessary to pull out what
is needed to cross that finish line. LeBron James alone has more dynamic leadership
and basketball IQ than any other NBA player today. But, he alone cannot win the championship.

Many of his teammates look like he looked in his first NBA championship playoff with the Miami Heat
in 2011. There was a point when defeat was so close it almost got to him. He sat under the rim
with his back against the back board feeling the pain of all his fans because in 2011 they were
so close to a win but could not pull it off. They did come back the following year to take what
was theirs.

Miami Heat came into the game offering a little more desperation and urgency to LeBron’s game. He is missing
that now.

When LeBron’s team gains the desperate urgency that LeBron knows they will merge into
a dynamic fireball needed to pounce a win.