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Vera Gilford, J.D.
Speaker: 3 Critical Ingredients to Reduce Healthcare Costs
Co-Author: Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health (ISBN: 9780970408105 E-book ISBN: 9780970408112)

Author: Success Tips From my Lessons In Business Leadership & Golf (ISBN: 978-0-970408129; E-book ISBN: 9780970408136)

Vera is a transformation leader, deep thinker and awesome writer. A former attorney for the IRS, corporate America, small businesses and individuals. Vera was said to be the person who could find a needle in a haystack. Later, her gift was called insight. She learned offense and defense in the court, where she litigated on both sides of controversy. From the legal bar to the drinking bar Vera transformed into an owner of a hospitality/retail smoothie bar in Miami’s festive marketplace, where she touched, and was inspired by thousands of customers from around the world.

At the height of her life after finishing law school and starting a new position Vera could not believe and refused to accept a diagnosis of cancer. After the doctor removed her kidney he said she was the best patient he ever had because she never believed it. He discharged her with no chemotherapy or medications of any kind. The mind is a powerful part of the healing process. For years since then she has researched “how” and “why you get cancer while living what she thought was a “healthy” diet and lifestyle. Her amazing discovery in “Secrets to Losing Weight & Better Health” reveals why the Millennial Generation, which is the largest labor force in America and why the X Generations are contracting cancer (non-smoking or genetics related) at alarming rates. Did you know that the World Health Organization and those who practice the Atkins and Ketosis diets disagree whether saturated fats are the cause of the astonishing rates of heart attack in America and the World. Learn what is the REAL cause. In her research, Vera has discovered the common denominator between weight gain and the top five leading causes of death in America, including heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers.


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