Even Experts Make Mistakes – Do Not Let It Stop You

There were terrible errors in my blog. I was devastated that I might be judged for lack of professionalism. I could have taken a seat on the bench and never come back on the court as a player. Or I could accept it as what it was, it was an error. I could give the excuse that the system published my draft rather than my final version. That might make me feel better but it will not make the errors go away. Not until I jump in, have a change of heart and take action will the changes be corrected. Tenacity is continuing to do whatever it is that you do until you get it right. Like practicing law or medicine or playing basketball with the #MiamiHeat, or whatever it is that you do, practicing is a part of growing and developing your skill. Practicing (and making some mistakes) is the only way you become recognized as an expert in your field.