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How the Heat Will Win NBA Championship Rings

I remember when the #MiamiHeat started the 2013-2014 season. They returned from the summer with stylish hair cuts. I thought, “Wow, nice!” I cannot remember whose cut I liked the most, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Norris Cole or some of the others but all looked impressive. Even Birdman had a new look. The cuts were all different but one thing they all had in common was that they had all ditched their hard-core look and taken a softer more stylish look that made them look like celebrities. From baller to celebrity.

Celebrities worry about little things because their roles depend on how other people like and judge them. They strive for perfection in their performance, not one flaw in their lines. In the real world people make mistakes. Striving for perfection is stressful. It’s hard to be “normal” when you have to be perfect. You certainly cannot be dynamic.

Miami Heat please come out of your celebrity roles, or it may cost you this NBA Championship title. There will be times when you will fall down on the court and it may not be a pretty scene. In fact there will be times on the court when it will get ugly. But that is your role as a ball player. Step back on the court as a player not as a celebrity. We won’t judge you when you miss a ball or if you have a flaw. LeBron and Wade don’t go inside your head when you are fouled but it is not called. Don’t be slow at making it back down to the other end of the court when the call goes against you or you believe you have been fouled but no call is made. Get Mad and direct that energy into your game. Then run faster and play harder. You are a baller. Leave the celebrities sitting on the bench as spectators.

Guys, can you please let go your celebrity status for now and go back into attack mode as ball players. I can tell you that thousands of fans will still love you even if we see your flaws. We know that you are effective in getting the job done when you are in your roles as kings and dominate on the court. We need to win another NBA Championship and get championship rings.

So here are some things that may help you on your journey back into attack mode for the NBA Playoff 2014. Send all spouses, girlfriends and significant others to a game party away from the game. Round-up all the kids and blind-fold them so they do not see their dads leaving corpses on the court. Pack your “amo” but leave all the pretty and cute stuff behind. Take a temporary leave-of-absence from all your celebrity friends.

LeBron put that mask back on. It was ugly and uncomfortable but it forced you to concentrate like you had never concentrated before. That is why you were able to hit 61 points. When you have a disability, other senses become stronger to make up for the disability. If you focus hard enough you can turn a disability into a dynamic ability. That is what you did. Now, do it again. One more thing, ditch Jay Z for now. You can party with Jay Z after you get another ring. I’ll write a song about Jay Z and his bumblebee to keep him busy while you dominate on the court.

Chris Bosh I have not seen you roar lately. Turn the TV off so the baby can’t see that her dad is a lion, then come out on the court charging.

Birdman, sharpen the top of your “doo” and put your war paint back on. We getting ready for war.

James Jones you know what time it is. It’s show time. You and Norris Cole are the two Heat players who need to step “INTO” the lime light and be celebrities while the others step out. It’s your time.

Norris Cole I saw you last year at Battioke when you avoided the media by going behind the red carpet where all the media were waiting to take your picture. Norris I’ll do the praying while you dominate on the court. Flatten the top of your “doo” to add swag to your dynamic offense. Add some camera and lights to your swag and let’s see your cat claw offense. Remember the bible says, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father who art in heaven.” Don’t hide your light under a bushel. Bring it on. Let your light shine.

Ray Allen your mind is just wondering a little. Keep practicing those 100 shots. When you do something long enough it becomes a little boring but you master it. There will be times when the mind wonders but pull it back into focus.

Rashard Lewis, we love you. It’s your time to soar in Miami. Show us what you got.

Tony Douglas and Justin Hamilton keep your vision laser sharp. Sharpen the eyes in the back of your head to keep your eyes on the ball and on that man behind you. He’s about to reach in to steal the ball.

Greg Oden try climbing up a ladder and just sitting, looking at the world from the top. That will hell you to understand how tall you are and the advantage that it gives you. Use your height to dominate at the rim. (Justin that applies to you also)

Michael Beasley, you know how to dominate just keep it consistent.

Mario Chalmers you have the speed. Add some solidly grounded shoes and dominate with control and speed.

Udonis Haslem I like the way you come out swinging. Protect the rim. Keep your eyes on the ball. You have to see the ball in order to get the rebound. Finally, have a clean-up team to follow-up on those missed shots. Now, let’s play ball.