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Miami Heat The Terminators Eliminates the Charlotte Bobcats in NBA Playoffs Round One

By staying focused the Miami Heat reduced their turnovers attacked offensively and defended the rim. In four straight games the Miami Heat defeat the Charlotte Bobcats (hereafter known as the Charlotte Hornets).

We love you Michael Jordan. You made us want to be like you. We want to walk in your shoes, so forgive us but we had to put your Bobcats down, never to rise again. We will always remember you and wish you well as you start a new error as the 2014 Charlotte Hornets.

Norris Cole I saw you peeping into the camera during Wade’s interview after game three and WOW, your commercial in game 4. That’s what I’m talking bout. Shine. It made me want to run down to Tropical and get me a new car. Better yet, tell those guys at the dealership when we win this 2014 NBA championship, to give you a new Cole Mobile so the fans can autograph it to keep this winning tradition going. Thirty-two minutes with no turnovers in game four and I loved that step-back shot from the corner, take aim and fire for 3 (game four, 84-71), and that was good control under the rim in game three (Q2, 4:00 46-42) way to go Norris.

Hey Udonis Haslem, don’t walk off the court with your head down. Hold your head up high. You effectively put a stop under the rim. Now slightly tweak your approach. Apply a little less attack but keep the defense on. (See that dive under the rim in game three, loose ball foul 47-42). (loose ball foul in-game four(49-51).

That goes for the whole team, keep the tight defense with a little less attack. (game four, Wade’s 4th foul Q3 3:33 73-69) (Birdman’s third foul, LeBron James’ third foul and Dwyane Wade’s fifth foul game four, Q4 8:02) (Birdman’s fourth foul game four, Q4, 84-71). Hey guys, imagine your body is a scanner. Imagine scanning your opponent with a defensive ray without touching their body. Turn on your force-field, the light of your aura. Defend the opponent but attack the rim.

Great job reducing turnovers now work on those fouls. This next game you can expect more attack. They will be coming at you and would love to foul you out. Watch your back to keep the steals down.

Get in touch with your force-field to reduce the fouls. LeBron James what happened to that connection you used to have? You were so in touch with your opponent that when you galloped down the court on all fours heading to the rim, you seemed to know which way the opponent would move and you dodged around him. (In college I used to race on roller skates and I was never afraid of falling because I felt so connected with the space around me – no one got in my space). LeBron you had that same connection with your space. You will need more meditation for this next game. Turn on your luminous radiation.

James Jones and Ray Allen keep being a magnet to the rim from three-point land.

Eric and Tony, I was recently at a sports bar and the game that day was on ESPN and Sun Sports. I heard someone say, “I like watching Sun Sports because those guys know the team players.” It occurred to me that it really does make a difference. Thanks for all you do.